Race series complete!

The non-profit I work for hosts a road race series each year, where runners can complete 6 of 14 races and gain points for top 10 finishes. The top point gainer wins prizes at the end of the series. Really it’s just a way to get people to run more than one race, but it’s super fun and keeps people involved in the races.

2011 was the third time I have completed the series (run at least 6 races). With the impending move, I had to do the first six, so rain or shine, 5k or 10k, I was determined to finish. Last night, I finished my 6th race and ran a personal best time for the 5k: 25:34.

It was truly a proud moment to achieve this, at not only the cumulation of the series, but the cumulation of my days as a Race Series runner for the forseeable future. This particular race takes place during a local town festival, so the atmosphere is very spirited. Residents cheer you on the whole way to the finish line, family members hold signs for their loved ones. While I had no one cheering me on and no husband to celebrate with at the finish line, I was lucky to have a good friend, Steve (who also ran the race) and some great co-workers to celebrate with after the race. Having run cross-country in high school and college, Steve knew the importance of this mile-stone and was able to celebrate my “PR” with me.

Despite the pouring rain and cold temps, the race went off without a hitch and we all celebrated at the local brew pub on the harbor after the festivities were over. I ignored several calls from our realtor, and just enjoyed spending time with these great people.

On the housing front, our dryer broke. The appliance repairman could not fix it, so I guess we’re selling the condo with a broken dryer. We had one woman offer us $30k less than our asking price, which was really like a slap in the face. I’m getting used to the abuse, though. We’ve had a few more showings in the last week, so we’re hoping someone else will come to the table with a reasonable offer, because we’re already taking a loss on the condo with our current asking price.

For now, I’m just going to bask in the glow of my “PR”.


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  1. Mr. S&P

    You have a husband! And he called right after the race finished to congratulate you! Your time was fantastic and I’m proud of you competing the series!!!!!
    Luv Ya!

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